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Board of Directors:

Gavin Taylor.

Today I am embracing the gift of recovery, using my daily challenges to grow and enjoy life to the full.

Recovery is the greatest gift I have. I am proud to be an active ‘face’ and ‘voice’ of recovery. Today I have no need to hide – I live in my Truth and show by example that there is life after addiction – a life filled with abundance and serenity. Today I take responsibility for life and the choices I make.

I am passionate about giving back to individuals and to communities. I am grateful to be part of FAVOR(SA) and know that together we can make a positive difference in the lives of others still suffering from the disease of addiction.

Gavin is the Technical & Entertainment Manager for one of the largest Hotel Groups in South Africa.


Rosina Eva Baartman, Director


Rosina loves Cape Town and loves life. 

She is a qualified pre-school teacher and community worker. Her passion is working with children and empowering them to realize their full potential.

She works full time for FavorSA and is responsible for all administrative and financial controls.

She is the mother of Angela-Grace, ;oves dancing and songing. Rosina is grateful to play her part in uplifting communities around Cape Town.

Jurgens Smit, CEO, FavorSA

Jurgens is enjoying long-term recovery and is the Chief Executive Officer of FavorSA. His previous experience in the retail world brings focus and energy to the Board of Favor. Jurgens is a qualified Recovery Coach and a Matrix certified Key Supervisor. He is a Registered Natural Healer and an Advanced EFT practitioner. He continuously improves his knowledge in the Recovery field and has recently completed intensive training on the Matrix Model of Addiction Treatment and Motivational Interviewing. He has previously worked as an Addiction Counselor and is currently in private practice as a Recovery Coach.

Jurgens defines recovery as ‘Abstinence PLUS Change’, and sees recovery as the pursuit and achievement of physical, emotional, intellectual, relational and spiritual health. His positive approach empowers his clients and enriches their recovery lives. Jurgens works with clients individually, runs support groups and works with families in recovery. He is actively involved in prevention work in the business sector and passionate about community work and the Miracle of Recovery.

Jurgens is dedicated in changing the public’s perception of recovery and lives a life that proves that ‘Recovery is a Reality’. He describes his own recovery as a Journey of Possibility, of Discovery and is deeply grateful to experience on a daily basis the process of Positive Change.








Frank Rousseau – Previous Chairman, and founder member of “Faces and Voices of Recovery-South Africa”

In long term recovery for more than a decade, Frank realized the ignorance and stigma of most South Africans about the disease of addiction, and set about with a passion to create the unique concept of a “one stop” portal about Alcohol and Drug Misuse, and the increase risk of contracting HIV/AIDS through drug abuse, particularly among our youth. He is actively involved in keeping our website up to date with evidence based information from both local and international links. Frank is dedicated to the prevention work of FAVOR and sees education as the tool to transform the minds and lives of our youth. Frank and Jenny have been married for 45 years.  They are blessed with 2 children, Anton and Maria and 3 grandchildren.

“My recovery includes standing up and speaking out to put a face on the realities and benefits of long term recovery.”

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Maggie has more than 20 years experience in the corporate sector and has acquired a wealth of knowledge at Unisa, B Com (Acc), Hon B Com (Bus Econ) and the University of Stellenbosch, Hon B & A, MBA cum laude.

Other than running her own consulting practice for Small Businesses Owners, she is involved with Entrepreneurship development and training at UNISA and the Entrepreneurial Business School. She is also one of 3 partners who owns The Business Network Century City.

Christine Gordon

Christine is a founder member of FAVOR South Africa. Christine has been in long term recovery for more than a decade. She brings to the Board of FAVOR a wealth of experience in the corporate world, and describes her strenths as Training and Developing Proprammes.  Over the past 5 years Christine has channeled her energy into doing presentations to more than 100,000 youth in the Western Cape. Christine is the CEO of "Drug Free Africa", Executive Director of "MAMA-Africa" (Mother's Against Methampetamine) and Chair Person of the "Drug Action Committee in Somerst West. 

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Lawrence Sims

Lawrence, by the Grace of God, has been in long term recovery for more than two decades.  He is very active in promoting the movement of FAVORSA, and the awareness of the power of long term recovery.  Lawrence is an excellent public speaker on the positive benefits of the “Power of Recovery” and has given numerous, and humorous talks on this topic.

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External Consultants:

Colleen Joy Page - 


Founder ILS INNERLifeSkills

International ILS Coach

Tel: (+27 11) 4691881 Fax: (+27) 088011 4691881



Colleen_Joy is an author and has decades of experience in public work as a speaker and tons of TV, radio and PR experience and FavorSa is fortunate to have her to support and mentoring our directors and volunteers.

Janet Keegans - Communications Consultant
Anthony Dearham, Consulting Accountant, Cecil Kilpin & Co.