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Drug Education and Early Intervention is HIV/AIDS Prevention
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“Do drugs control your life? 
Your life. Your community. No place for drugs."

This is the slogan of the UNODC anti-drugs campaign to be launched on 26 June 2007, the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The 3 year campaign will focus on different aspects of drug control: drug abuse in 2007, drug cultivation and production in 2008, and illicit drug trafficking in 2009.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted this declaration 10 years ago, and it is just as true today:
"Drugs destroy lives and communities, undermine sustainable human development and generate crime. Drugs affect all sectors of society in all countries; in particular, drug abuse affects the freedom and development of young people, the world's most valuable asset."

Download the informative brochure from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) here (PDF)

Favor SA would like to support the recently formed organisation: South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD)
Teen idol Chas Smit, lead guitarist of the popular rock group Plush, was killed by a drunk driver last September. In his memory, the organisation SADD has been formed to militate against the tolerance of drunk driving in South Africa and advocate for stricter controls and harsher sentences.

“it is time South Africa raised its standards of anti-drunk driving legislation to match those of the rest of the world,” said Chas Smit’s mother Caro, who is the founder of the organisation. South Africa is the second worst country in the world when it comes to road accidents, with more than 18 000 people dying every year - and a shocking 60% of those deaths are due to drunkenness.”

Read the Carte Blanche / SADD interview

The Brain on Drugs

For Your Neighbourhood Campaign:
Free materials:
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Don't Mix Watersports and Alcohol, says winning pair World champions Michele le Sueur and Shaun Ferry of Cape Town have just won the Chevrolet Hobie Cat 16 World Championship held in November at Mandela Bay.

“Winners don’t do drugs,” said Michele in a special message to FAVOR SA readers. “I support and endorse the work of FAVOR SA to one hundred percent.”

She also has a strong warning for sailors, surfers, swimmers, kiters and kayakers - “Don’t mix alcohol and water sports this summer - the combination is deadly. Stay free, stay alive and enjoy yourselves.”

FAVOR SA advocates and supports several practical campaigns, including these initiatives:

What is Stigma?

• Public awareness programs aimed at helping to remove stigma and prejudice against recovering addicts, via community-based promotional events.

• The establishment of Drug Courts in South Africa to help addicted offenders get through treatment and stop the cycle of drug (including alcohol) abuse and crime. 

Click Here for more Info on Drug Courts Campaign

• The inclusion in the national Drivers License examination, of a test section on alcohol and drug abuse.

• The adoption of workplace education programmes to promote the recognition of addiction and the understanding of its treatment, and the integration of people in recovery.

• Activities aimed at persuading local and national health departments to provide more and better addiction treatment centres and qualified staff, so that access to treatment is possible for all income levels.

Contact FAVOR SA for more details and to get involved! Alone, we can do very little, but together we have impact: Many small acts add up to big results.

Remember, you don’t have to say what substance you are recovering from.


Reconciling Advocacy with Anonymity

If you are worried about breaking the anonymity code of your 12-step program, here are the international policy guidelines on this matter:

- No recovering person should advocate publicly if their sobriety, job or financial well-being will thereby be endangered.

- No recovering person should advocate at the level of public media unless they have two years of recovery.

- No one who is advocating in the media should identify themselves as a member of any specific twelve-step group.

For the full text, see Advocacy with Anonymity - PDF file.