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Drug Education and Early Intervention is HIV/AIDS Prevention
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Anabolic Steroid Abuse
Website dealing with the frightening downside of over-using Anabolic Steroids. Affiliated to the USA's National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving
We tell kids not to get into the car with a drunk driver. What if the drunk driver is a parent? www.madd.org

Behaviour associated with drug abuse is among the main factors in the spread of HIV infection in the USA

National Organisation of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

A new intervention program curbs University student binge drinking

Unlikely weapon in the war against students illegal drinking. More Info

Solving alcohol problems saves lives, reduces healthcare costs and increases productivity
"Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction" was unveiled on 13 February 2007 by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a component of the US National Institutes of Health. The 30-page full-color booklet explains in layman's terms how science has revolutionized the understanding of drug addiction as a brain disease that affects behavior. NIDA hopes this new publication will help reduce stigma against addictive disorders. 
"The Science of Addiction" click here to view and downloaded the PDF file (2.2MB)

Websites to Visit:

Faces and Voices of Recovery - Get a Free Newsletter from this site
The founding organisation for FAVOR SA, based in Washington DC, in the USA. www.facesandvoicesofrecovery.org
Health.org - Get a Free Newsletter from this site
US national information clearing house, dealing with prevention issues online, and centralising information and news on alcohol and drug abuse. 
HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse: the connection
DrugScope is the UK's leading independent centre of expertise on drugs: Our aim is to inform policy development and reduce drug-related risk.
Join Together Online - Get a Free Newsletter from this site
To advance effective alcohol and drug policy, prevention and treatment. Supports community-based efforts to reduce and prevent substance abuse and gun violence.
Always Hope
Hazelden’s Alive and Free
Substance abuse among the Elderly
Changing the Culture of Drinking on College Campuses
KCI The Anti-Meth Site
The physical damage, how to recognise a meth lab in your area, and more facts about meth/tik/crystal
ADF - The Australian Drug Foundation
Another very useful website which concentrates on community programmes.
Advice on how to understand Teenagers
National AIDS Map
A British website with its finger on the pulse - check out this section on HIV and drug use.
Crystal Meth Anonymous
A 12 step fellowship for those in recovery from addiction to crystal meth (Tik). Free membership.
Common Ingredients of ‘Tik’
Bad chemicals from drain cleaner to rat poison: that’s what Meth users are putting into their bodies.
Recovery is Everywhere - and there are more people in recovery than you think!
The UK government’s official Strategy on drug abuse in young people.
The Big Book - where to read the AA material without being a member.
Women and Alcohol Abuse - the sobering truth, all there is to know about how heavy drinking hurts women most.
Students Against Destructive Decisions
Students helping other students to make positive decisions about challenges in their everyday lives. From the USA, but relevant to SA today.
The Partnership
Learn how to protect your child, yourself, or your friend - get the news, read the personal stories.
Mothers Against Meth-Amphetamine (MAMa)
Drug Facts from the ONDCP
SAMHSA - US National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information    http://ncadi.samhsa.gov
The Silent Treatment
Excellent website for stories and inspiration.
NIAAA National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
NAADAC The Association for Addiction Professionals 
http://naadac.org/  (Use 'About NAADC' page as link.)
NCADD National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
Law Enforcement against Prohibition (LEAP)

PDFs: Documents to Download:

Seven Policies Required to Conquer Addiction in our Lifetime
Testimony By Johnny W. Allem, President of Johnson Institute before TheInstitute of Medicine - April 26, 2004, Washington, DC
12 Steps Every Company Can TakeTo Deal With Addicted Employees
What can companies do when an employee, a manager – even an executive or CEO – is found to be addicted to alcohol, cocaine or other drugs?
Public opinion survey on issues relating to the Stigma of addiction, and preferred legislation. Research sponsored by Faces and Voices of Recovery, USA, May 2004.
Genes and Addiction - and academic research proposal from the scientific publication, Nature Genetics • volume 26 • november 2000
Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide
Downloadable e-book: Provides information about addiction, drug treatment, and recovery for new patients undergoing treatment for addiction, and for their friends and families. Advises new patients on getting the most from their treatment and warns about possible difficulties during treatment and recovery. (July 2000)
find it at:
Views on Alcoholism & Treatment.