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Drug Education and Early Intervention is HIV/AIDS Prevention

About FAVOR SA :: Why FAVOR?
Our Mission
Faces and Voices of Recovery South Africa advocates for removing the stigma associated with the disease of addiction. We aim to improve and expand the public's understanding of addiction as a treatable illness, and to promote the power of recovery from alcohol, drugs and other addictions.

To help individuals and families experiencing the harmful effect of alcohol, drugs and other addictions, to find a pathway to recovery through education, early intervention, appropriate treatment, family involvement and community support.

We believe that through education and by speaking with one voice, we will send a clear and simple message of hope: that recovery from alcoholism, drugs and other addiction is possible.

The Brain on Drugs

Favor encourages networking and the building of bridges between all related organisations in the field of substance abuse. Tell us about your program! Contact FAVOR today

Four Good Reasons: Advocacy, Localisation, Prevention, Education

1: Because the recovery movement has, until now, had no lobby in South Africa.

Currently, addiction carries a social stigma and the various 12-Step programmes call for anonymity. Thus, many miracles of healing and restoration are kept from the public eye. We have decided to end this silence, join together and speak out for people in recovery.

2: Because our mission is urgent.

There are too few treatment centres, too few trained medical specialists and workers, and not enough tax rands allocated to cope with the problem. There is a growing epidemic of the disease of addiction amongst young people, especially to alcohol and to the problem drug, ‘TIK”’ (methamphetamine).

February 2007 statistics released by the MRC in the Western Cape show the following horrific trend:

- During the 3 year period January 2003 to December 2006, treatment centres registered an increase of over 3000% in the number of patients seeking treatment for methamphetamine (Tik) addiction. In the last 12 months (Dec 05 to Dec 06), the pace of increase had slowed but still shows a massive 60 percent increase.

- Nearly 40% of these patients were under 20 years of age, the youngest of whom was just 10 years old. Clearly, our youth is being targeted.

See the full report here

Addiction/alcoholism is a health care issue which is no less important than the H.I.V./A.I.D.S. issue. We aim to secure government participation in the provision of treatment to the majority of South Africans who are at present unable to afford it.

3: Because recovering addicts have rights, too.

FAVOR stands up for the rights of those who are in recovery and works to remove discrimination associated with the disease of addiction: discrimination in the workplace, in the education system, the justice system and in the health care industry.

4: Because there is a need for Education on substance abuse.

Favor supports the efforts of parents and teachers in communicating the hard facts about drug abuse to young persons in their care. The risks young people take when they experiment with drugs are high, and include the terrible threat of HIV infection